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Barry Donaldson

I'm a photographer. And a traveler and explorer and adventurer and other things. I spent time as the General Manager at a breakfast restaurant. I was a US Army officer for almost 8 years. I went to Iraq and Afghanistan. I lived in Alaska. I love being outside. I love skiing and climbing and running and hiking and fishing and mountain biking and pretty much everything you can do outside.

I like to take pictures of everything. Best I can tell, my interest changes as I move from place to place (i.e. I take pictures of bugs in Costa Rica and mountains in AK). I like the shots I take (I realize my judgement doesn't count as an objective standard (should it?), but I hope that my opinion isn't so far removed that it's completely wrong). I like the places I've photographed and the people I've been with. Mostly, I love the memories that flood back when I look through my pictures.

My goal with photography is to make a little money while sharing the things I love and that I love to do.

Most of the pictures I take aren't that great. The ones that are, you'll find here.


Please, enjoy. I do.